LibreOffice is the most popular office suite in Linux, but in some old or low-spec devices it can be a resource-intensive software. In this page there are some lightweight alternatives available in the official repositories of most popular distros.

Table of Contents

Word processors


An easy-to-use Writer alternative, for basic document editing. Supports all popular options, like creating tables, page numbers, tables of contents,…

You can save documents in their own format or in .doc (Microsoft Word), .odt (OpenDocument), and more.

Abiword window


Simple, distraction-free writing environment. It saves files in the OpenDocument format.




A simple spreadsheet software with everything you would expect from this kind of program: functions like sum, average, median, max, etc., charts, cell, row and column formatting, and more.

Like Abiword, you can save your work in several formats, including .ods (OpenDocument) and .xlsx.

Gnumeric window

Alternative for a presentations software?

I didn’t find any good offline and lightweight alternative to LibreOffice Impress (Calligra Stage consumes same amount of resources as Impress).

If you have any suggestion, feel free to contact me via social media or email.