Do STT, TTS and translate text offline with this flatpak app that allows you to choose between several popular models.

Table of Contents

Download Speech Note

Speech Note is available as a Flatpak package (in the Flathub repository), so you can install it easily if your operating system has Flatpak support. Take into account that Speech Note will require a powerful computer to run smoothly, but it can be used (with pacience) on lower-end hardware.

Speech Note main window

First steps

After opening Speech Note, you need to download the appropriate TTS or STT models. For that, go to Languages and select a language.

Speech Note languages window

You can filter by TTS, STT, Translation and other. You can also filter by processing speed and model quality.

Speech Note models window

Speech Note models window filters

Do ‘magic’

After downloading a model, you can do TTS by pasting a text into the main window, or STT by clicking on File -> Transcribe a File and selecting an audio file (you can also click on Listen to do Live-Speech-To-Text). Select Translator to translate text.

Speech Note translator window


By clicking on the three-bar menu, you can change app settings.

Speech Note settings window

If you have any suggestion, feel free to contact me via social media or email.