I’ve launched a new project: RS1 Linux News, a Javascript-free news aggregator aimed at Linux and open source users and enthusiasts.

No Javascript code (no ads, no tracking) or images, just HTML and CSS for a faster and less distracting browsing experience. A quick way to check the latest Linux and open source news from popular websites (in English and Spanish).

More than 20 websites included (English) at the time of this writing. The sources are public feeds (RSS/Atom/RDF) and you can ask to add a page by sending an email (or contacting me via social media) and providing the feed link (Linux/open source websites and blogs, or any feed related to those topics, with original content). I can add another language section if there are enough feeds.

You can also send your suggestions to improve the service.

RS1 Linux News

If you have any suggestion, feel free to contact me via social media or email.