Who is behind this website?

RS1 Linux Tools is run by me, Ricardo. I’m a Linux enthusiast from Spain, born in the early 90’s. I started this site to teach (and learn) about the management of Linux-based operating systems and to promote open source projects.

I have a personal Mastodon account (in Spanish): https://social.linux.pizza/@ricardo_es.

Where is the free VPS?

In the beginning, this website offered free online resources like temporary VPS and cloud storage, but, due to lack of funding (and the complexity of managing dozens of VPS), I remade this site to post tutorials. If you are interested in free VPS or cloud storage, I made useful lists of all the available services: VPS, cloud storage.

How can I contact with the website admin?

Join the Mastodon community: https://social.linux.pizza/@rs1linuxtools, or send me an email: admin[at]rs1.es