Best free cloud storage services that allow direct download links, perfect for hosting static assets for your project.

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Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage

This alternative to AWS S3 offers 10GB of free storage and 1GB of free daily downloads. You can create private or public buckets: use public buckets to share files easily. You can enable CORS functionality to allow sharing files with other sites (e.g.: JavaScript files).

Backblaze B2 window

IBM Cloud Object Storage

IBM offers 25GB of storage and 5GB of Outbound Traffic per month.

IBM Cloud Object Storage window

Oracle Cloud

Oracle Cloud offers 10GB of storage and 10TB of outbound data transfer per month.

Oracle Cloud Object Storage window

Google Cloud

Google Cloud offers 5GB of storage (US regions only) and 1GB of outbound data transfer per month (to all regions except China and Australia).

Google Cloud Storage window


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