When you want to run a script just with a double-click on the script file, these are the steps you need to follow.


  • You can create two executables: one to “launch” the script with a terminal emulator and other with the script itself. You can also execute the script directly if your file manager has that option (in KDE’s Dolphin you can right-click on the script file and select “Actions -> Execute with Konsole” to run the script with the terminal emulator, without needing a launcher file).
  • Inside the “launcher” file, type a command to open your desired terminal emulator with the script file. For example, to open Konsole (KDE Terminal):
    konsole -e ~/my_command.sh
  • Inside the script file, add your script. If you want the terminal window to close automatically when the script finishes its work, add kill -9 $PPID at the end. Sometimes the terminal will close even without the previous command. In those cases, to keep the window open, append $SHELL to the end of the script.
  • Finally, make both files executable.

read -p "Continue?: (y/n) " res

if [ $res == "y" ]
echo $y

kill -9 $PPID

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