You can use tmux to control several terminals from a single screen.

tmux window

Once installed, type tmux to start the program. You can control tmux by using a key combination of a prefix key (Ctrl + B), followed by a command key. These are the most common command keys and their function:


  • %: split the current pane vertically.
  • ": split the current pane horizontally.
  • Arrow keys: change to the top, right, bottom or left pane.
  • x: kill the current pane.
  • Ctrl + Arrow keys: change the size of current pane.


  • c: create a new window.
  • n: change to the next window.
  • p: change to the previous window.
  • &: kill the current window.


  • [: Enter “copy mode” to copy text or view the command output history (using arrow keys). Select text with Ctrl + SPACE and arrow keys, copy with Ctrl + W. Exit this mode with Esc.
  • ]: Paste text (copied with the above command).

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