Using torrents is a great choice to promote decentralized and cooperative file sharing. I will show you several BitTorrent clients that you can use on your Linux computer or your Android device.

Table of Contents


A clean and elegant design with all the info you need. It has a CLI version included.

Deluge main window


Similar to Deluge (maybe with a more clunky design, but as useful as Deluge). Includes an easily accesible traffic speed chart.

qBittorrent main window


A very simple Bittorrent client for those who don’t need more than the basic features. It has a CLI version (transmission-cli).

Transmission main window


An elegant Transmission-based BitTorrent client available on Flatpak. It’s built for GNOME but you can use it on any desktop.


LibreTorrent (Android)

An ad-free and open-source Bittorrent client for Android. Clean design, compatible with different screen sizes, includes a dark theme, with a lot of info about the downloading/seeding process.

LibreTorrent main window

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