If your WiFi signal is poor and your PC is connected to Internet via Ethernet cable, you can turn your computer into a WiFi hotspot (a router) and improve WiFi signal and speed.

I am going to use NetworkManager for this tutorial (GUI and command-line).

  1. Search for “Advanced Network Configuration” or “Network Connections”. Network Connections main window
  2. Click on the + to add a new connection.
  3. Select Wi-Fi and Create. Network Connections connection type window
  4. Change the Connection name.
  5. Inside Wi-Fi tab, change Mode to Hotspot and add an SSID. Network Connections edit connection window
  6. Under Wi-Fi Security, change Security to WPA & WPA2 Personal and add a password. Network Connections security tab
  7. Click Save.
  8. Turn on Wi-Fi on your PC.
  9. Activate your new network:
    nmcli con up <connection name>
    # nmcli con up my-wifi

Now, you can connect to your network using any device. You can turn off your network at any moment with nmcli con down <connection name> or deactivating Wi-Fi on your PC.

You can also create the network using the Terminal by using one of these commands.

First method (recommended):

# Turn on Wi-Fi
nmcli r wifi on

# Create the network: change all fields with '<>'
# with your data (do not include the '<' and '>' symbols)
nmcli dev wifi hotspot con-name <connection name> ssid <ssid> password <password>

# If the network is not automatically enabled
nmcli con up <connection name>

Second method (it does not include any password for the network):

nmcli con add type wifi con-name <connection name> ssid <ssid> mode ap

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