In Debian/Ubuntu systems, you can use dpkg-reconfigure to reconfigure an installed package using intuitive dialogs. I will show you how to use this command to change some system settings.

Whenever you modify system settings, you must be a root user or have superuser privileges.

Table of Contents

dpkg-reconfigure locales

You can generate new locales (language, country, characters, etc.) for your system. Just press Space to select/unselect a locale, Tab to jump into OK/Cancel options and press Enter on <OK>.

Then, select your default locale (press Enter on your selected locale).

Locale configuration

dpkg-reconfigure tzdata

Change the time zone. Select a geographic area and a time zone inside that area.

Time zone configuration

dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration

Change your keyboard model and layout (and some other settings).

Keyboard configuration

dpkg-reconfigure console-setup

Change some advanced console settings.

Console configuration

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