You can use an AppImage app without being a root user and with all required libraries included in the file.

(From its Wiki) An AppImage is a downloadable file for Linux that contains an application and everything the application needs to run (e.g., libraries, icons, fonts, translations, etc.) that cannot be reasonably expected to be part of each target system.

Table of Contents

Search for an AppImage version of your chosen application

There is a list of AppImage apps in here and here but if your app is not there, it does not mean the app does not have an AppImage version (e.g.: tmux has an AppImage version but it does not appear on the list). You can use a search engine to find it.

Download and run

Download the file, make it executable (chmod u+x app.AppImage) and run (./app.AppImage). You can follow these steps using a file manager, like Thunar. You do not need superuser privileges to do it. You can copy the file to your local PATH so you can run the app from any folder without typing its path.

Mount and explore

You can mount an AppImage file and explore it like an ISO. Run the file with this parameter: --appimage-mount and you will be able to explore AppImage contents on the displayed path.

$ ./appimagepool-x86_64.AppImage --appimage-mount


AppImagePool is an App Store for AppImage software. You can search and download programs easily, and even run them inside the app. It’s a bit resource-intensive but it’s a great tool if you use AppImage software.


Add an AppImage to your App Drawer

You can add your AppImage software to the App List of your operating system by adding a .desktop file to $HOME/.local/share/applications/. This is an example of the content of this file:

[Desktop Entry]
Comment=App Store for AppImage programs


AppImageLauncher simplifies the process of creating a .desktop file and relocating AppImages files to a standard location. On Arch Linux I have some issues with this app, but on Debian/Ubuntu may work better.

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