Download files from HTTP, FTP, SFTP and BitTorrent with this powerful program.

aria2 package is included in the official repositories of almost all Linux distros. Although the package name is aria2, the command name is aria2c.



  • -d <directory>: specify an output directory.
  • -o <filename>: filename of the downloaded file (not available for BitTorrent/Metalink). It’s always relative to the current folder, or the folder specified with -d.
  • -i <input file>: download the URIs listed in <input file>. URIs must be separated by a newline. You can specify multiple sources for one entity by separating the URIs with TAB.
  • -j <number>: maximum number of parallel downloads (default: 5).
  • --checksum=<TYPE>=<DIGEST> (for HTTP/FTP) and --check-integrity true: add a checksum to verify the download.
    aria2c --checksum=sha-1=1df1283ds1234d153sdf --check-integrity true


# SFTP (with user: ricardo / password: mypassword, doesn't work with private keys)
aria2c sftp://ricardo:mypassword@

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