With ntfy you can send push notifications to your Android device from your Linux computer or server via simple PUT/POST requests.

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You can use ntfy provided server to manage the service or install it on your own (check this page).

Download a client app

In order to receive the notifications, you need to download Ntfy Android app (also available on the Play Store).

Subscribe to a topic

Press the ‘+’ button to create a topic and subscribe to it. Topics don’t have password, so use a non guessable name. If you use your own server, check ‘Use another server’ and add the server URL.

Ntfy Android app

Publish to the topic

Just send a PUT or POST request to ntfy.sh/<topic name>:

curl -d "My notification" ntfy.sh/mytopic123

You can customize the notification with a title, tags, emojis, etc.

curl \
  -H "Title: Unauthorized access detected" \
  -H "Priority: urgent" \
  -H "Tags: warning,skull" \
  -d "Remote access to computer detected." \


I want Kdenlive to notify me when a video rendering is completed.

First, I create a new topic by pressing the ‘+’ button on the app and typing a topic name (e.g.: notifyvideosrs1). Then, inside Kdenlive, I go to Settings -> Configure Notifications, I select Rendering finished, and check Run a command. Inside the text input, I type /usr/bin/curl -d "Video rendered" ntfy.sh/notifyvideosrs1 (check the path of ‘curl’ in your computer). I click ‘OK’ and I will receive a notification on my phone when a rendering process finishes.

If you have any suggestion, feel free to contact me via social media or email.