Wrap a webpage with Electron to create a desktop application by typing just one command.

Install Nativefier

Nativefier is a Node.js application you can install easily with npm (and root permissions).

npm install -g nativefier


Type nativefier and the URL.

nativefier https://archlinux.org
  • If you omit the protocol (https), it will look for an https page.
  • nativefier will try to determine the App name, but you can override it with --name:
    nativefier --name 'My App' https://example.com

This command will create a folder inside your working directory and, inside this folder, there will be an executable (with the name of the webpage) you can run like any executable.

Nativefier file list

Nativefier app

Add a .desktop file

If you want to access your Nativefier app from your Applications Menu, you need to create a .desktop file. This is an example:

[Desktop Entry]
Comment=Arch Linux website

Applications Menu

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