Flatseal is a graphical utility to review and modify permissions from your Flatpak applications.

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You can install it easily with Flatpak:

flatpak install flathub com.github.tchx84.Flatseal



Flatseal detects your Flatpak applications and you can modify any possible permission by just clicking the appropriate checkbox. Some sections have a folder icon for typing a path, like Filesystem -> Other files section where you can add folder paths, so your Flatpak application can access that path.

Other buttons have a ‘plus’ icon, like ‘Enviroment’ section, to add strings (environment variables in this case). There is also a ‘Reset’ button to reset changes.

Flatseal filesystem section

Flatseal is a great program that saves time by not having to type commands like flatpak override every time we want to change an application permission.