You can set up a server for your torrents by just typing two commands on your terminal.

Table of Contents

Install qbittorrent-nox

I am going to use qBittorrent as my bittorrent client. Using your package manager (apt, pacman, etc.), install qbittorrent-nox, qBittorrent CLI application.

Start qBittorrent

Run this to start qBittorrent:

qbittorrent-nox -d
  • You can change default webUI port (8080) with --webui-port=<port-number>.

Then, ensure you have port 8080 open on your server firewall and go to http://server-ip:8080 (replace server-ip with your server IP). Default username and password are: admin / adminadmin.

qBittorrent Web UI


You can use the Web UI like a desktop application: add a torrent file or URL, pause and resume torrents, view statistics, etc. You can change admin password by clickin on Tools -> Options... -> WebUI.

qBittorrent Web UI options menu

Stop qBittorrent by killing its process.

$ ps -e | grep qbittorrent
 223665 ?        00:00:38 qbittorrent-nox
$ kill 223665

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