With bauh, you can search, install, update and remove packages from your system repositories (Arch Linux/Debian), Snap and Flatpak. You can even install AppImage files.


bauh is available as an AppImage, on Arch User Repository (AUR), and as a Python PIP package. Check GitHub page for more info.

In order to use Flatpak or Snap, you (obviously) need to install Flatpak and Snap.

Remember bauh can use Arch Linux repositories (and AUR) and Debian ones. Not other systems repos. But you can search and install Flatpak and Snap packages on unsupported systems (and AppImages if you have sqlite3 installed).


Initial window will display available updates. You can upgrade all packages or select which ones you want to upgrade (by clicking on the right green square button).


Search a package by typing a word on the text input at the top and press Enter. You will see available apps on your system repositories, Flatpak, Snap and AppImage (https://appimage.github.io).


Just click the ‘Install’ button to install a package. If you install a Flatpak app, remember to select ‘No’ when it prompts if you want to install the package for all the device users (system), because bauh cannot install Flatpak apps with the default system-wide instllation, that requires root permissions (unless you run bauh as root). You can also go to Settings (gear icon at the bottom), select ‘Flatpak’ tab, check ‘User’ on ‘Level’ and press ‘Change’.


For Snap packages, if you want to select which channel you want to install, go to Settings (gear icon at the bottom), ‘Snap’ and check ‘Yes’ on ‘Display channels’. Then press ‘Change’ to confirm.


Once installed, you can run the application from bauh, or uninstall it.


bauh is a great app that updates frequently and, at least on my system (Arch Linux), works perfectly.

If you have any suggestion, feel free to contact me via social media or email.