BlackArch Linux is an Arch Linux-based pentesting distribution with 2800 tools.

It has the same purpose as Kali Linux and if you use Kali, you will know how to use BlackArch. Both (Kali Linux and BlackArch Slim ISO) have the XFCE desktop enviroment. Kali is based on Debian, though.

You can download BlackArch Linux from There are three ISO options: Full (18GB, all tools are installed), Slim (4.4GB, only selected tools are installed) and NetInstall (886MB, has a minimal set of packages). It’s Arch Linux, so you can use pacman to install the packages you want.

BlackArch Linux

BlackArch Linux

Access pentesting tools by clicking on the menu button, and selecting ‘BlackArch’. A list of categories will display, click on any to show available programs.

BlackArch Linux tools

Check for more info about the tools.

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