‘progress’ monitors coreutils commands (cp, mv, dd, etc.) currently running and displays info about the process: percentage of copied data, estimated time and throughput.


It’s available on Debian/Ubuntu, Arch Linux, RPM-based systems (CentOS, Fedora, etc.). Install it with a package manager (apt, pacman, yum).


Suppose that you want to copy a big file.

cp bigfile ../new-directory/

Open a new Terminal window (or tab) and run progress. You will see the progress of cp command.

You can also run:

watch progress -q


progress -M

to monitor current and upcoming commands.

Run a command like this:

cp bigfile ../new-directory & progress -mp $!

to monitor the cp command on the same Terminal window.

Type progress --help for more info about available parameters. For example, -c <command> to monitor only a specific command, or -w to display estimated I/O throughput and ETA.

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