Stacer is an all-in-one system utility to manage a Linux desktop system: monitoring, startup applications, system cleaner and more useful tools.

Table of Contents


On its GitHub page you can find several installation methods for Debian/Ubuntu based systems and Fedora. You can compile it from source. It’s also available on AUR.


Stacer has several sections:

  • Dashboard: monitor CPU, memory, disk and network usage.
  • Startup apps: add or remove startup applications.
  • System cleaner: remove package caches, crash reports, application logs, application caches and Trash.
  • Search: file search.
  • Services: enable/disable, start/stop services.
  • Processes: running processes.
  • Uninstaller: uninstall applications.
  • Resources: display resource usage graphs (CPU, memory, disk, network).
  • Helpers: Host management.
  • APT Repository Manager: add or remove repositories.
  • Settings: change Stacer settings.




If you have any suggestion, feel free to contact me via social media or email.