QtQR is a great software to generate QR codes easily, or scan an image file for QR codes and decode them (or use a webcam to scan).

QtQR is available on some operating system official repositories (Debian, Arch Linux, etc.) and it’s super simple to use.

Table of Contents

Generate a QR code

To generate a QR code, just open the program, select a data type (text, URL, contact info, etc.) and type the data to encode. The QR code will be generated in real-time. Then, you can save it as a PNG image.



This could be a easy and fast way to copy text from your computer to your phone. Only need a QR code reader on your phone to scan the generated code.


Scan a QR code

You can also scan an image file for QR codes or even use your webcam to scan a code.


Current state of the project

It’s important to note that the developer of QtQR stop working on this program in 2021 (https://launchpad.net/qr-tools/+announcement/28444) so it won’t receive more updates. However, QtQR runs smoothly and is still one of the best QR encode/decode programs for Linux you will find.

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