If you need to compress one or several audio files, here you can find some command line and graphical tools.

Table of Contents


  • Convert WAV to MP3
      sox input.wav output.mp3
    • Converting to MP3 will reduce the file size (and quality).
  • Compress an MP3 file (reducing sample rate)
      sox input.mp3 output.mp3 rate <sample rate>
    • Reducing sample rate (16k, 24k, 48k) will reduce the size (and the quality). Check current sample rate with soxi input.mp3.
  • Compress an MP3 file (converting stereo to mono)
      sox input.mp3 output.mp3 channels 1
  • Compress several files (using a Bash loop)
      for i in *.mp3;do sox $i output/$i rate 16k;done

Kwave (GUI)

With this KDE audio editor, just open the file and save it changing the format and compression (File -> Open, File -> Save -> As...). You can change many options (select the output file path and name and click Save to see the options).


Audacity (GUI)

Similar to Kwave, with Audacity you can also compress a file by changing the output format options. Press on File -> Export and select a format.


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