If you need to decode Base64 data to ASCII or encode ASCII text to Base64, these are some of the available tools to do it.

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This tool is likely installed on your system (from coreutils package), and it’s very simple:

Encode to Base64:

  • File: base64 somefile.txt
  • Text: echo -n "test" | base64. If you omit -n, or you run base64 <<< "test", base64 will also encode the trailing newline.

Decode from Base64:

  • File: base64 -d somefile.txt
  • Text: echo "dGVzdA==" | base64 -d, or base64 -d <<< "dGVzdA==".


Text pieces

Available on Flatpak, this tool can make quick text transformations, including Base64 encoding/decoding. You can find more info on my previous post: Text Pieces: the Swiss Army Knife of text processing.

Text Pieces


You can also encode/decode using Javascript. Use these functions:

  • Encode to Base64 (ASCII to Base64): atob('test').
  • Decode from Base64 (Base64 to ASCII): btoa('dGVzdA==').

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