X File Explorer (Xfe) is a graphical file manager for Linux and UNIX-like systems, fast and light for those who want a simple graphical file explorer without bloatware and a very few dependencies.

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Xfe is available on Debian, Fedora official repositories and AUR (Arch Linux). It’s recommended to also install the ‘themes’ package (not available in AUR):

sudo apt install xfe xfe-themes
sudo dnf install xfe xfe-theme



Xfe has all the common features of a file manager:

  • Open a terminal Xfe
  • Search Xfe
  • Filter
  • Sort
  • View thumbnails Xfe
  • Send files to Trash

It’s customizable: choose between several views (without side panels, with 2/3 panels, a tree and the main panel,…), includes several themes (Edit -> Preferences -> Themes), key bindings (Edit -> Preferences -> Key Bindings) and more.


If you have any suggestion, feel free to contact me via social media or email.