If you need a tool to generate random secure passwords, here I show you some command line and graphical applications.

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Available on official repositories of Arch Linux, Debian and other systems. Its use is pretty simple:

pwgen [<options>] <number_characters> <number_passwords>

To generate two passwords with 12 characters each:

pwgen 12 2

Some available options are:

  • y, --symbols: include at least one special symbol.
  • -B, --ambiguous: don’t include ambiguous characters.
  • -n, --numerals: include at least one number.

Run pwgen --help for more info about other available parameters.


apg (available on Debian, AUR and other system repositories) works similar to pwgen but it requires explicit parameter names to define the number of passwords and their length.

apg -m 12 -x 12 -n 1
  • -m <number>: minimum password length.
  • -x <number>: maximum password length.
  • -n <number>: how many passwords to generate.

Run apg -h for more info.



Available on Flatpak, this password calculator and generator can calculate unique strong passwords from a combination of an alias and a passphrase (so you don’t need a password manager). It can also generate random passwords.





This simple password generator is available on the ElementaryOS AppCenter, but you can also install it with Flatpak (using ElementaryOS repository):

flatpak install --user https://flatpak.elementary.io/repo/appstream/com.github.alexkdeveloper.pasgen.flatpakref


Extra: password managers

Most password managers (if not all) include password generators: KeePass, Bitwarden, etc.

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