Create a bootable USB with the tools I will show you in this tutorial.

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You can use it without installing on your computer (it’s an AppImage file you can run with a double-click). It’s simple but user-friendly and it works as expected.

Etcher window


Check Ventoy: create a multi-system bootable USB drive easily.

Ubuntu Make Startup Disk tool

Ubuntu has a default USB image tool that makes a selected device bootable.

Ubuntu USB tool window


A tool with a minimal GUI (less than 500KB of installed size) that can write image files to USB or make a backup image from a USB.


dd utility

sudo dd bs=4M if=<iso-file> of=<device-path> conv=fdatasync status=progress

An Example:

sudo dd bs=4M if=/home/ricardo/ubuntu.iso of=/dev/sdb conv=fdatasync status=progress


This utility from Pop!_OS can flash multiple USB drives at once, in parallel.


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