If you want to play with the latest KDE Plasma desktop, you can download KDE neon, an Ubuntu-based live system, you can install on your USB.

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Download and install

Download KDE neon from its official website and install it on a USB with a USB Imager tool or use it on a virtual machine. You can also use Quickemu.


KDE neon 5.24 (version I’ve tested) is based on Ubuntu 20.04 with the latest KDE Plasma desktop installed.

You can test the new “Overview” feature of KDE Plasma 5.24 (available on System Settings -> Workspace Behavior -> Desktop Effects and then press Windows [or Meta key] + W), great KDE apps like Dolphin, Discover (app store), System Monitor, Spectacle, etc.

KDE neon

Install on your system if you want

Finally, if KDE is the desktop you want to use on your computer, you can check plasma-desktop package on your system repositories or install a Linux system with KDE Plasma installed (like Kubuntu).

KDE neon Overview

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