is a bootloader capable of downloading an operating system and booting into it without needing any extra tool.

You can check what operating systems are available on GitHub.

Table of Contents

Download the bootloader and boot

Download ISO file from and install it on a USB (I used Ventoy and it worked). Then, boot from the USB. menu

Use up and down arrows, Enter and Esc keys to navigate through the menu. If you go to ‘Live CDs’, you will see a large list of ‘Live’ Linux distributions (Debian, Elementary OS, Garuda, Manjaro, Mint,…). boot menu livecd menu

Select one of those, another menu may appear to select the distro version you want to use. debian menu

Boot selected operating system will download distro files to RAM and boot into it (because of this, you need to have enough RAM on your computer). debian install debian install

Finally, you will be able to use your selected system. debian desktop

If you have any suggestion, feel free to contact me via social media or email.