DEKUVE brings you a macOS-inspired look based on Debian 11 and XFCE aimed at Windows and macOS users who want to switch to Linux.

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You can download DEKUVE from Sourceforge or from FOSS Torrents. The only version available at the time of writing this post is the one based on XFCE, but there is another version coming soon.

Once downloaded, you can copy it on a USB using a USB Imager Tool and boot from it. You can try DEKUVE without installing it on your computer.


DEKUVE desktop

It has an elegant design, similar to elementaryOS or other macOS-based desktops. Beautiful icons and a well-implemented dark theme (its light theme may need some improvements).

DEKUVE icons


It comes with several popular applications included, like LibreOffice, VLC, Firefox, Transmission, Krita and XFCE apps. There is a very interesting system manager app called Stacer.

DEKUVE Stacer app

You can download software easily from its Software Center (Snap compatible).

DEKUVE Software Center

In short, a small developer team working on a great project that is worth trying, with a bright future.

If you have any suggestion, feel free to contact me via social media or email.