• How to configure a RTMP server with Docker

    If you want to use your own streaming platform for your live videos, you can do it with a couple of commands using Docker containers.

  • How to install Jitsi

    Jitsi Meet is an open-source video conferencing platform you can install on your server.

  • Using Remmina in Linux to connect to an RDP server

    Remmina is a Linux software you can use to connect to a server that has RDP enabled (mostly Windows Server VPS, but you can add RDP to a Linux system).

  • How to use PuTTY

    If you are going to use a Windows computer to access your VPS, you are probably going to use PuTTY because it’s the most popular SSH client for Windows.

  • Install WordPress with Docker

    Installing WordPress on a server is not especially hard, but you can simplify it using Docker containers.

  • How to create a server-level firewall

    You can restrict VPS incoming connections within your VPS provider’s admin page (at a network-level), but if you can’t restrict outgoing connections, or you prefer to use a firewall at a server-level. you can use ufw.

  • How to transfer files from and to VPS

    When you want to upload or download files to your VPS, there are several ways to do it.

  • Find the server's public IP

    If you need to find your server’s public IP, using the command line, it’s as simple as one command:

  • How to add a desktop environment via Docker

    If your server doesn’t have a desktop environment, you can install one easily, in a “containerized” way.

  • Install Docker

    Learn how to install Docker in Ubuntu (64bit) with these simple steps (for other distributions or architectures, see: Install Docker Engine).