• Systemd: Timers

    Use systemd timers as a replacement for cron: schedule services the same way you created them.

  • Systemd: create a unit/service

    In this tutorial you will learn to create services with systemd, so your scripts can be executed during system boot.

  • Display managers

    A display manager allows you to use a login screen and select which window manager you want to use. In this article I will show you some of them.

  • Window managers

    If you need a very lightweight desktop environment or you just want to change your desktop without installing all programs that usually come with a full desktop environment, you can test these window managers.

  • How to install virt-manager on Arch Linux

    Learn how to install Virtual Machine Manager on your Arch device following a few simple steps.

  • Do you need an antivirus in Linux?

    In this article I’m going to discuss about viruses in Linux and when you need an antivirus and when you don’t.

  • How to set system language and other regional settings

    You can add more languages to your system easily and change regional formats independently to language.

  • Useful tips when installing Arch Linux

    Installing Arch Linux is not too hard, but there are a few tricks that will help new users to get everything working.

  • Installing several operating systems on the same drive

    In this tutorial I will show you how to have several Linux operating systems (OS) on the same computer.

  • USB Image Tools

    Create a bootable USB with the tools I will show you in this tutorial.